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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Refrigerators and How Do They Work?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 1/24/20 10:03 AM

Commercial refrigeration is a must-have for any restaurant, hotel, or catering company. But how do you know which type of refrigerator your foodservice business will need? The first thing to understand is what the different types of commercial refrigerators available are and how they work, so you can determine which will be the best for your business.

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Is There a Difference Between Residential & Commercial Refrigerators?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 1/14/20 9:47 AM

Whether you need more space to store perishable food items, are looking to replace an older refrigerator, or you’re moving into a new home or business, you might be on the lookout for new refrigeration appliances. As you shop around, you’ll eventually be confronted with the option to either save a bit on cost and go with a domestic-use refrigerator or go all in with a commercial-grade appliance. The choice might have you wondering: Is there really a difference between residential and commercial refrigerators?

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Avoid These Common Problems When Purchasing Catering Equipment and Supplies

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 12/10/19 9:38 AM

Foodservice companies in the process of purchasing catering equipment and supplies sometimes underestimate the issues they can experience if they don’t plan carefully and take some common problems into consideration from the start. For example, does your catering business plan to provide top-of-the-line service but want to stick to a tight budget when purchasing equipment? You don’t want to unintentionally cut any corners and show up to your client’s event only to find your commercial ranges aren’t working. Do you want to offer your clients a menu with a wide variety of specialty items? You might have trouble finding and transporting all the equipment and supplies you’ll need in order to make them all.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Catering Equipment and Supplies for Your Business

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 11/26/19 2:39 PM

When purchasing equipment and supplies for your catering business, the most important thing to keep in mind is how the items you invest will affect the overall ability of your staff to complete a stellar service. You want to make it easy for your staff to prep, store, serve, and clean no matter what the venue might be.

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How Cooking Supplies Improve (or Hurt) Commercial Kitchen Efficiency

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 8/26/19 3:18 PM

Improving your restaurant’s efficiency can take on many forms: Is your POS technology up to date? Does your staff have the proper education and training? Do you have systems in place that foster shorter food prep, cooking, and serving timeframes?

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Which Commercial Kitchen Supplies Does Your Restaurant Need?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 6/21/19 8:41 AM

If you’re starting a restaurant or looking to enhance your current foodservice establishment, you might be wondering which commercial kitchen supplies your restaurant needs.

On a specific level, and depending on your restaurant’s specialty, you’ll need to acquire the equipment and supplies that best serve your industry—for example, if you own a café that serves coffee, tea, and baked goods, you might invest in a good espresso machine and bakery case, whereas a restaurant that specializes in homemade ice cream and shakes might need a commercial mixer and blender in addition to larger refrigeration and freezer cases.

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