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Is There a Difference Between Residential & Commercial Refrigerators?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 1/14/20 9:47 AM

Whether you need more space to store perishable food items, are looking to replace an older refrigerator, or you’re moving into a new home or business, you might be on the lookout for new refrigeration appliances. As you shop around, you’ll eventually be confronted with the option to either save a bit on cost and go with a domestic-use refrigerator or go all in with a commercial-grade appliance. The choice might have you wondering: Is there really a difference between residential and commercial refrigerators?

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Which Commercial Kitchen Supplies Does Your Restaurant Need?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 6/21/19 8:41 AM

If you’re starting a restaurant or looking to enhance your current foodservice establishment, you might be wondering which commercial kitchen supplies your restaurant needs.

On a specific level, and depending on your restaurant’s specialty, you’ll need to acquire the equipment and supplies that best serve your industry—for example, if you own a café that serves coffee, tea, and baked goods, you might invest in a good espresso machine and bakery case, whereas a restaurant that specializes in homemade ice cream and shakes might need a commercial mixer and blender in addition to larger refrigeration and freezer cases.

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