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Can Bar Supplies Help Your Staff Avoid Common Bartending Mistakes?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 11/19/19 4:09 PM

Navigating the endless abyss of bar supplies can be more than overwhelming. With so many items to choose from, how do you know which supplies your restaurant will need? If you decide to not stock an item or tool in your restaurant’s bar, can it affect your bartenders’ ability to satisfactorily serve your guests?

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Home vs. Commercial Bar Equipment and Supplies: What's the Difference?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 11/8/19 11:10 AM

For anyone looking to open a new restaurant or bar, there are several things to consider when sourcing equipment and supplies. Which do you need? How much will they cost? What glasses, bottle openers, blenders, and organization supplies will help your bartenders crush their drink service?

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Essential Restaurant Bartending Tools and How to Use Them

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 10/31/19 11:36 AM

Any good bartender can tell you that having the right tools handy can make or break your service. Whether it’s the right kind of shaker, strainer, zester, opener, or peeler, these tools help the restaurant’s drink-making staff concentrate on keeping guests happy with a continuous flow of tasty cocktails. But what tools does every bartender need—and, even more importantly, how are they used?

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What Are Restaurant Bar Supplies and What Are They Used For?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 10/25/19 9:34 AM

If you’re opening a new restaurant or making sure an existing one is properly stocked, you’ll want to make sure you have what you need behind the bar to make an assortment of drinks. Your drink menu will drive what you need, so be sure to consider what your offerings will be before you make your purchases, but below is information about what some of the most common bar supplies are and what they’re used for.

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