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Home vs. Commercial Bar Equipment and Supplies: What's the Difference?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 11/8/19 11:10 AM

For anyone looking to open a new restaurant or bar, there are several things to consider when sourcing equipment and supplies. Which do you need? How much will they cost? What glasses, bottle openers, blenders, and organization supplies will help your bartenders crush their drink service?

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Topics: Food Safety, Bar Seating, Bar Glassware, Bar Supplies

How Much Does Commercial Grade Restaurant Furniture Cost?

Posted by BHS Foodservice Solutions on 9/13/19 2:58 PM

If you’re opening a restaurant, one of the things you’re going to want to know is how much all the furniture is going to cost you? You want your guests to be comfortable, your restaurant to stand out, and your budget to stick, so how do you know which seating is right for your business?

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Topics: Restaurant Supplies Costs, Restaurant Furniture, Restaurant Chairs, Restaurant Seating, Bar Seating